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The Variété Hablingbo theatre tent has without a doubt become a landmark for Swedes living or visiting the island of Gotland. It is not just theatre that audiences seek out in the Variété Hablingbo tent. What they want is an experience.

A space for fleeting theatrical experiences, the theatre tent is re-erected every summer on the edge of the woods on the same site as one of the island’s most popular restaurants – an ideal setting and atmosphere for a cultural experience.

This year is the first edition of the new director, Charly Magonza. He is a French actor who wishes to boost the place with young artists’ creations. To this end, along with his new team, he is organizing a call for projects for young multidisciplinary artists who would be ready to meet the challenge of boosting a place like Variété Hablingbo..

This call for projects is open to all disciplines of live performing art (circus, dance, performance, theatre, sound and light shows…). The participants should be less than 35 years old, should be willing to create an unprecedented project for Variété Hablingbo and take into account the language barrier (which can be a constraint as well as an asset).

The most important to know is:

-> residency and performance in the tent space (4 poles).

-> 200 to 250 people in the audience.

-> semi-circular seating banks..

-> audience space in front of the stage (possibility to reconsider the audience space).

-> performing space: 8m x 7m platforms, 40 cm from the ground, dance floor + 6m lateral

clearance stage left and 6 m stage right (to be used as wings or performing space – on the

ground, grass).

->10 m height under the central dome of the tent

-> lighting trusses, light stands and possibility to hang lighting from the tent poles

The selected project will benefit from a financial support of 15 000 € for the creation (including salaries, travel costs and any other cost for the creation – to be distributed the way the artists want). The conditions and the distribution of the budget will have to be defined in an agreement discussed with the company or the project leader.

Deadline: 25 November 2017

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