SALTO Cultural Diversity: Editor needed for a publication 'Europe in transition: Perspectives on cultural diversity in a changing Europe'

SALTO Cultural Diversity wishes to appoint an experienced editor, who will manage preparation of its new publication, Europe in transition: perspectives on cultural diversity in a changing Europe - a collection of think-pieces on cultural diversity in contemporary Europe.

SALTO CD will publish in December 2017 a series of think-pieces on cultural diversity in contemporary Europe, in order to encourage and inform dialogue among youth practitioners and youth organisations.

The publication is intended to:

  • inform and provide insight on issues and approaches in relation to cultural diversity;
  • engage and encourage readers in critical reflection;
  • challenge readers in their assumptions and inspire action;
  • contribute to policy by stimulating discussion and recommendations;
  • promote diversity and inclusion in countries across Europe.

Topics to be covered, with particular reference to young people, include:

1. Diversity and identity – including the impact of gender

2. Diversity and disability

3. Human rights – awareness and use of legal frameworks

4. Inter-cultural and inter-faith dialogue

5. Peace-building – especially in societies emerging from or vulnerable to conflict

6. Refugees and migrants – including the situation of established minorities

7. Resistance to diversity: discrimination, racism and xenophobia

8. Social enterprise and minorities.

The target audience will include: educators, policy influencers and decision-makers, researchers, social activists, youth and community workers.

The person appointed to the role of editor for this publication will receive a fee of €2,900 from SALTO Cultural Diversity. Fees will be discussed directly with the successful applicant and will take into account the time spent working on the publication. Additional costs incurred in completing the tasks required (such as, travel to and from meetings) will be re-imbursed by SALTO CD. All payments will be made on presentation of an invoice, once the final draft of the publication has been submitted in line with SALTO CD requirements.

Deadline: 16 October 2017

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