Open Call for Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio Residence, “Winter, Snow and the Subarctic” (Japan)

Sapporo is one of the world’s more unique cities of its size, as its 2 million residents live in cold, snowy conditions for a good portion of the year. In Sapporo city hall one finds a snow safety station, which symbolizes the central importance of snowy life in this urban city. Urbanization was driven by the Sapporo Winter Olympics in 1972. Developments include road heating, underground passages and transportation infrastructure; winter entertainment includes sports and snow festivals, as well as all sorts of creative activities to energize the city.

Number of  visual artists: 2 (people or groups)

1 position for Exhibition Programme: Create an exhibition through research practice.

1 position for Community Programme: Participate in the Artist-in-School programme operating within Japanese elementary schools. Participants are required to use a classroom as a studio for 2 weeks to create a project. By the end of the residency program, artists will provide a final presentation. Outside of this Community Programme, artists will work in Tenjinyama Art Studios.

The following support is given to artists participating in the programme.

・Studio rent and heating expenses.

1 artist (person/ group) ¥300,000 , travel cost (¥100,000 artist live outside of Japan, ¥50,000 artist lives within Japan) plus extra support for material fee.

・ Arrangement of translation volunteers, coordination with institutions and organisations.

・ Press materials and interaction with local art communities.

・ Documentation materials which Tenjinyama Art Studio has produced (photos and videos).

Deadline: 12 November 2017

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