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INACT presents itself as an art performer meeting, organised in Strasbourg since 2011. This event is intended to be multi/inter-disciplinary. It will take place from 4th to 8th May 2018. The organisers invite artists from all disciplines: musicians, visual artists, actors, dancers, poets who have projects related to performance or active representation, and which are in line with the theme of the upcoming festival: sure sense.
INACT festival invites artists to investigate the media space, which is interacting closer and closer with our intimate and public daily life, asking what space for intervention and interpretation is left to the artist? If the so-called alternative solutions (ecological, economic or social) are observed to be moving away from the political horizon, the vocabulary of power and the secured thought interfere with all the layers of society. How today can we express a criticism, a divergent opinion, a radical angle of view, under these conditions?
Référence :
Marie-José Mondzain « Confiscation : des mots, des images et du temps » (Les Liens qui Libèrent, février 2017)

Fields of interest :
Real time, performance studies, sound art, video performance, poetry, re-inaction, improvisation, dance, culinary art, sound poetry, environment, document, cross-media, statement, urban intervention, augmented and virtuel reality, virtual performances

Conditions :

-Maximum 20min or duration
-Technical files : scene, perimeter of performance, sound, light.
-Budget production 200 € + travel costs, accommodation
-Artists invoice's information 
The INACT festival would capture the performances of the artists and giving them back in the current year.

Deadline: 6 November 2017

Find all details here (scroll down for English). You can register here (questions in French but you can reply in English and easily translate the questions - for instance on google translate -)