Open Call for Residences for Artists in FLORA ars+natura, Colombia

FLORA ars+natura is a space for contemporary art in Bogotá, Colombia, that specializes in the relationship between art and nature. FLORA’s foci are: production through commissions and residencies; the circulation of the results, and education.

FLORA is a meeting place for artists and those interested in contemporary art. It’s a space with an open character and a domestic scale, with a high level of quality. FLORA intends to become a point of reference for the local scene in Bogotá, establishing links with the rest of the country and abroad through international residencies, commissioned projects, and intense educational activity.

Escuela FLORA is a long-term residency program coupled with a study program based on studio practice, dialog and direct feedback on the artistic process, resorting to inter-culturalism to go beyond hegemonic thought. Escuela FLORA brings together around twenty artists of diverse nationalities and backgrounds, selected through an open call. Each one develops her or his practice in a separate studio, attends an independent study program that delves into the creative and research methodologies of contemporary art, and receives feedback from tutors (both local and international artists, curators, thinkers, historians, and researchers), as well as elders from different indigenous groups. Escuela FLORA articulates a series of activities that generate spaces of learning and reflection. It proposes an ample spectrum of possibilities of dialog such as conferences, workshops, studio visits, reading seminars, group critiques, “círculos de la palabra” (encounters with indigenous elders), field trips, and thematic soirées. The public presentation of processes (PPP) of each resident artist’s work is done through Open Studio events, talks, and exhibitions. In return, the residents are in charge of open workshops aimed at diverse publics (children and adolescents, neighbors, and emerging artists, among others). Through these workshops, they exchange their experiences, create community, and interact with local groups. Escuela FLORA is funded through the generous support of institutions, private companies, and individuals (most of whom are collectors aware of the social importance of their role beyond forming a collection). These year-long grants cover the costs of studio rental, fees and travel of the tutors, the academic coordinator’s salary, workshops, and other academic activities open to the public, as well as a monthly allowance to cover each artist’s food and lodging.

AC/E Gran. Spanish artists (with travel funded)

- Elisa Estrada Grant. Every nationality artist.
- AH! Grant. Every nationality artist. 

- Roberts Grant. Artists from Argentina or Uruguay
- UR-Montblanc Grant. Colombian artists. 
- Luis Javier Castro Grant. Artists from Central America. 
- Éxito Grant. Colombian artists. 
- Conscar Grant. Colombian artists. 
- BEMA Grant. Colombian artists. 

Deadline: 30 November 2017

Find all details online (in Spanish)

In English for AH! Grant and Elisa Estrada grant