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ZARYA Artist-in-Residence program based on ZARYA Center for Contemporary Art in Vladivostok is a project aimed at provision of support to professionals in the field of contemporary art that welcomes artists regardless of their preferred genres and techniques, as well as age and nationality. ZARYA A-i-R offers the young artists an opportunity to live and work in the new environment and conditions conductive to intensive work that provide a chance for successful implementation of creativity projects.

ZARYA A-i-R program is primarily focused on analysis and development of local environment. One of its tasks is establishment of a dialogue with both dedicated professionals and wide audience. ZARYA A-i-R program is destined to become an efficient point of interaction between representatives of various nations and cultures and to encourage development of the local art world on the Far East. Throughout the existence of the Residency, which was opened in December 2014, more than 50 artists from Russia and overseas have become its participants.

- individual artists or teams (age requirements – not younger than 18 years), working with painting, sculpture, graphics, photo and video, installation, performance, choreography, theater, music and street art.

Resident is to be provided with:
- a grant for development and implementation of project in the amount of 40 000 rubles (approx. 700 USD);
- compensation of air ticket and/or railway fare in the amount not exceeding 22 000 rubles (approx. 385 USD);
- partial compensation of the project materials in the amount not exceeding 8 000 rubles (approx. 140 USD);
- accommodation in a furnished studio apartment (2 studios for 2 residents in each, kitchen + living room, household appliances) at the premises of ZARYA CCA;
- a workshop (33 m2) at the premises of ZARYA CCA for joint use;
- PR support of the developing project;
- assistance in coordination of the developing project (introduction to the local context, meetings arrangement, information and literature search assistance).

Deadline: 15 October 2017

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