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La Friche in Strasbourg is an artistic association, a working process for artists. La Friche focuses on artistic projects, involving theatre, dance and music, as well as visual arts associated to these forms of arts. La Friche links together professionnal artists located in the Eastern part France (Région Grand Est). The main purposes of La Friche are based on the exchange of artistic practices, information and the ways to become professionnal. 

La Friche would like to be a springboard for creative people which have no direct access to cultural places. La Friche‘s ambition is to become a bridge between the artistic emergence and cultural places. La Friche allows multinational artists to join a team who can help them in all their steps, allowing them to show up their projects to everyone, professionals included. La Friche means knowledge and skills' transmission as well as mutualization, allowing well-known artists to meet other ones, less-known. La Friche is the place to be for the artists who want to share their skills.

La Friche is looking for performances (theatre, dance, music, viusal arts associated with the other arts), to think Living Arts as a mean to highlight environmental and society issues. 

You will be supported by LA FRICHE

- Financially : up to 1,000 € per project (according how many participants)

- For paper works : opportunity to be paid directly by our administration if the artist has no competence to do it in France.

- For logistics : travel costs, accommodation and catering.

- Technically : on site, thanks to a team for light, sound and material equipement

- Eco-friendly : keep the event as an Eco-friendly event as much as possible.

Deadline: 15 December 2017

Find the call online and the application form