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PACT is a developmental working and presentation space for contemporary performance art at the interface between science, technology and society. Alongside delivering a wide-ranging programme of performances and public events, PACT’s work is firmly rooted in its well-known residency programme and ongoing engagement with diverse forms of knowledge transfer.

In spring 2017, PACT launched 1/2/8 a central, long-term research and development format with a special focus on the connection between knowledge and actions. 1/2/8 proposes a platform for connecting diverse practices, methods and ways of thinking in the aim of opening up new possibilities for action.

The second chapter, 1/2/8 – Demanding Responses, centers around forms of collaboration and self-organisation. Over the course of several weeks, the edition invites participants from the fields of art, science, journalism and other broader disciplines, to engage in individual research as well as joint encounters, exchanges and experiments during symposia, open labs, talks, lectures, gatherings and presentations.

For this edition the organisers particularly welcome applications from collectives as well as individuals actively engaged in addressing new forms of cooperation with other artists and researchers. At certain stages, participants will also have the opportunity to invite visiting dialogue partners to inform both their own research and that of the other residents in the form of lectures or discussions.

What the residency offers

  • Studio space (from 69 to 173 sq. m.)

  • Local accommodation (max. 6 people)

  • Weekly grant allowance of 500 € for all of the residency project participants (max. 6 people)

  • Travel costs covering one journey only per participant to and from PACT Zollverein (subject to prior agreement)

  • Technical equipment (by arrangement and subject to availability)

  • Possible lectures, workshops, exhibitions or performances (at short notice and subject to agreement)

Deadline: 13 October 2017

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