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Darat Al Funum, for its 30th anniversary, invites artists of all disciplines, as engaged witnesses, to pause and reflect, to re-imagine our world and reinvent its narrative. In his poem To A Young Poet, Mahmoud Darwish challenges us by saying “Truth is black, write over it / with a mirage’s light”. Darat al Funun invites you to write with light and participate in its 30th anniversary programme by submitting concept papers and proposals reflecting on these issues with respect to art, social and political issues, the environment, or what at Darat al Funun inspires you.

Up to thirty artists will be selected from applicants to exhibit during three main exhibition phases starting in February 2018, together forming a constellation of new narratives and interrogations.

In addition to this exhibition programme, a full year’s programme of related talks and events, educational activities, and publications is planned.

The Darat al Funun team will work with each selected artist on realising and exhibiting their project, using state of the art in-house and locally available equipment and materials. The team will also assist you with production and (de)installation according to an agreed upon final production plan, budget, and timeline. Darat al Funun will provide some funding to cover production costs. They will offer accommodation in one of our residency flats and a per diem. The candidates are encouraged to include travel cost in their budget plans.

Deadline: 15 September 2017

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