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The Wave Pool Art Space Is Your Space Program awards sponsored residencies to local, national, and international artists interested in engaging Cincinnati with their artistic practice. Residencies of 2-6 weeks include flexible live/work studio space, a month long exhibition in the gallery (when appropriate), opportunities for artistic community engagement and programming, and a $1500 stipend for the project as well as living/travel expenses. Residents become part of the dynamic artistic community of Cincinnati, Ohio and are asked to engage the community in at least one public workshop, program, or performance during their stay. Successful proposals are projects that collaborate with the community, utilizing a social practice methodology that makes the place and the people who are here integral to the project. Projects are to be artist developed and in line with their work. The program emphasizes two-way engagement, offering exceptional arts experiences to Wave Pool’s local community as well as unique benefits and exhibition opportunities to the artists in residence.

Selection Criteria (with most important/heavily weighted at top):
·      Proposed project's potential to positively impact the community of Wave Pool, Camp Washington, Cincinnati (and beyond)
·      Proposed project's potential to advance the field of contemporary art
·      Clarity of proposal and perceived ability to achieve stated goals for project
·      Merit of past work
·      Potential to develop individual creative practice 

Deadline: 29 October 2017

Find all details online (there is a 15 US process paypal fee)