Crossed residence: art and environment for an artist and a scientist (France)

The International Centre for Art and Landscape on Vassivière Island and the NEKaTEOENEa artists' residency at the Domaine d’Abbadia, near Hendaye, are calling for candidates for a four-month residency for an artist and a scientist (naturalist, biologist, ethnologist, anthropologist, geographer or other). The residency will be divided between two venues:

 - The Castle on Vassivière Island, for two months: 30 October 2017 – 27 January 2018

- NEKaTEOENEa, at the Domaine d’Abbadia, for two months: 29 January – 30 March 2018

The artist and the scientist can apply individually or together: they will draw on the two venues to enrich their respective lines of enquiry.

These two residency bodies are jointly calling for candidates for a research programme relating to current debates about resources, forms of energy and ecology. Both are in territories overseen by the Conservatoire du Littoral et des Rivages Lacustres (Coastal and Lakeshore Protection Agency), in unique settings conducive to exploration of the relationships between art, nature and the environment. Vassivière Island, which belongs to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, is in the heart of the Millevaches Regional Nature Reserve; seemingly a natural site, it is in fact situated in an artificial lake created as part of a hydroelectric scheme. The Domaine d’Abbadia is a classified nature reserve on a cliff-top site overlooking the Atlantic. The Vassivière Art Centre is a cultural facility, while the CPIE Littoral Basque is an environmental body with its own cultural perspective.

In their approach the candidates will be expected to address current thinking about nature and its preservation. Working with each other and two groups of Masters students, the artist and scientist in residence will consider the role of art in issues relating to "changes in our environment and the appearance of new phenomena such as the disruption of natural cycles, the malfunctioning of our economic systems, demographic implosion, etc.",1 with a view to shared consideration of new ways of combining scientific and artistic research.

Residence allowance: Each resident receives living expenses of 500 euros taxes included per month. His or her presence is not required full time, but the full amount on expenses can only be paid if the resident is present for at least half of the residency duration, continuously or otherwise. In addition every structure covers travel costs between the resident's home and Vassiviere Island up to a total amount of 300 euros maximum, and between the resident's home and NEKaTEOENEa up to a total amount of 300 euros maximum.

Support for residents: Both residency places will help the resident in his/her project and in getting acquainted with the local area and its people. It provides intellectual and logistical backup via the skills of its team and its equipment. In addition each resident will receive a production fee of maximum 500 euros, which may be used before the end of the residency to finance the project for which s-he has been selected.

Deadline: 17 September 2017

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