State of Fashion > Searching for the new luxury > Open call for projects (Arnhem, the Netherlands)

During state of fashion 2018 | searching for the new luxury, the exhibition Future Scenarios presents a stimulating anthology of ground-breaking concepts and practices, in which innovation and a new imagination are guiding principles. Designers, brands and artists are invited to submit ideas and products that are about to break through to the market, or offer new perspectives on the fashion system, or in broader terms, on the things around us with which we interact. Today, not only designers and brands can be so-called drivers of change - an innovative business model or a new vision on social responsibility can also significantly change and improve the fashion chain and make it more sustainable. In the exhibition Future Scenarios the organisers distinguish the different projects into five subcategories:

Scenario 1: New imagination of luxury

Scenario 2: Designing for better lives

Scenario 3: New business models

Scenario 4: The makers and the product in the spotlight

Scenario 5: Interdisciplinary relationships

When a project is selected for the Future Scenarios exhibition, State of Fashion contributes
to transport costs. The amount of the contribution will be determined in consultation with
the participant.

Deadline: 30 September 2017

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