IMéRA > Call for researchers, writers and artists (Marseille, France)

IMéRA is an institute for advanced study and a member of RFIEA (French Network of Institutes for Advanced Study) and NETIAS (Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study).

IMéRA promotes innovative experimental interdisciplinary approaches in all areas of knowledge. Since September 2016, the research activity within the institute has hinged around three structural programs following three cross-fertilization lines (Science Meets Humanities; Art, Science and Society; and Mediterranean programmes). In addition to these structural programs, a multi-annual thematic program conducive to interdisciplinary research entitled Global Phenomena and Regulation is deployed over the period 2017-2020.

IMéRA and its partners are issuing 4 calls, one per programme. Each programme is associated with a “white” (or general) call and a set of specific residencies jointly managed by local, national or international partners. These specific residencies include chairs reserved for experienced researchers

Interested researchers, writers or artists may apply for one programme only. Please indicate the type of residency you are requesting in your application (general program and/or specific residency).

  • Art, Science and Society Programme

  • Mediterranean Programme

  • “Science Meets Humanities” Programme

  • Global Phenomena and Regulation Programme


IMéRA provides free accommodation to residents in one of the apartments of the institute, situated in “Parc Longchamp” in the center of Marseille.
Requests for familial hosting at IMéRA shall absolutely be mentioned in the application form, for consideration.


IMéRA will pay for the residents’ ticket from their usual place of residence to Marseille and back.

Research means

Residents are supported by the IMéRA team for a smooth stay and the organization of their seminars, which can be either linked to one of the programme themes or in cross-connection with other programmes. Programme directors help residents organise the seminars and establish new contacts with the Aix-Marseille area scientific and cultural environment.

Within the limits of the available budget, IMéRA can fund missions and initiatives related to research projects. IMéRA does not finance production means for resident artists planning to make pieces of work.

Deadline: 18 September 2017

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