Residency Programme for Overseas Media Arts Creators 2017 (Japan)

This residency programme is part of the “Project to Support Nurturing of Media Arts Creators” organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan (Bunka-cho). Emerging artists in Media Arts (Media Geijutsu in Japanese) around the world are invited to come and stay in Tokyo to create new works. Whether the works are media art, videos, games, animations, or manga, during their stay the artists will be able to experience Japanese Media Arts culture, with an additional opportunity to meet with Japanese creators to discuss their works. The aim of this programme is not only to support the creation of significant works but also to stimulate cross-cultural dialogues through Media Arts.

The following will be provided by the program:

  1. Travel expenses

  2. Living allowance

  3. Travel insurance

  4. Housing and workspace

  5. Location in Tokyo

  6. Assistance from an expert in the appropriate field

  7. An opportunity to present the works at the end of the residency

  8. Opportunities to meet Japanese creators

* No application fees are required, but the residents are responsible for the production expenses.

Applicants should be between the ages of 20 and 35 (not definite, as applicant’s previous career will also be considered)

Deadline: 19 September 2017

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