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With the aim of introducing Japan’s artist-in-residence programmes, the non-profit artistic organisation Command N launched the portal site “Move Arts Japan” in 2012, the only non-governmental online source for Japanese residency information. As its concept, Move Arts Japan proposes a “migration model” of AIR programme, wherein one artist can experience several sequential residencies throughout Japan.

The purpose of this programme is to offer opportunities to develop and reconsider ways of expressing work, information as well as methods of communication. With that in mind, artists are asked to foster novel methods for expressing information, physical sensations and critical thinking during this Japanese residency program. The artists’ practices will thereby be transformed, potentially leading to productive and positive action, even after returning to their home countries.

This year, 3 artists from abroad will be invited to experience a seven week residency in some localities in Japan, each ending in a three-week residency, presentation and exhibition at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo. Participating curators from residencies in Korea and Taiwan will nominate an artist from their respective countries. The third artist will be selected via a worldwide open call. One of the key points to qualify is to have experience in carrying out art projects and collaborating with local communities

Expenses covered:

  1. Travel expenses including round-trip airfare and travel expenses on public transportation between the station nearest each residency within Japan (Move Arts Japan will make a reservation and purchase flight tickets to and within Japan). Flight to Japan, travel within Japan.

  2. Accommodation, workspace

  3. Per-diem (424,500 JPY) Total of daily expenses from November 1st to December 22nd.

  4. Production costs (Maximum 60,000 JPY)

  5. Research costs (Maximum 60,000 JPY)

  6. Coordination/interpretation support (Event translation, consultation)

  7. Opportunity to presentation research/work at the end of residency

  8. Opportunities to interact with Japanese artists and community at a local level

Deadline: 14 August 2017

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