European Theatre Convention > Communication manager needed (Germany)

Founded in 1988 by three theatres in France, Germany and Belgium, the European Theatre Convention (ETC) has become Europe’s largest network for public theatres with 40 houses from more than 20 countries. We share and facilitate the joint promotion, creation and dissemination of contemporary dramatic arts and linguistic diversity within Europe and beyond. We support collaborations that foster cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue and serve as a platform for the professional exchange, training and capacity building of theatre-makers in an international context. And we promote and strengthen European theatre as a vital platform for dialogue, democracy and interaction that responds to; reflects and engages with today’s diverse audiences and changing societies. ETC’s activities foster a socially-engaged, inclusive notion of theatre that brings Europe’s social, linguistic and cultural to as large an audience and communities as possible both locally and internationally.

The Communication Manager will develop and implement ETC’s communication strategy as part of ETC’s new international theatre programme “ENGAGE: Empowering today’s audiences through challenging theatre” in order to promote the organization’s activities internationally and shall be responsible for the various elements of the job description listed below. The duties outlined are not exhaustive and the Communication Manager will be expected to undertake additional duties as reasonably directed by the General Secretary and/or the Board of Directors.

Deadline: 15 August 2017

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