22th International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival (Stuttgart, Germany) > Competition for contemporary choreographers and young dancers

The festival will provide an overall view of the latest trends in the solo-dance-theatre scene. As participants in the competition, choreographers and dancers from around the world, are requested to perform a solo piece which is new, original, imaginative, unique and which displays unusual achievement. The respected jury will judge choreographic and dance skills as well as musicality, interpretation and performance.

Prizes to a total value of € 16.000 will be awarded. Before the award winners are paid, the organizer is obliged to deduct tax from the prize money. 

    Choreography                     Performance
    1st prize € 3.500                1st prize € 3.500
    2nd prize € 2.500               2nd prize € 2.500
    3rd prize € 1.500                3rd prize € 1.500

    Public awards
    Public’s First Choice Award € 500
    Public’s Final Choice Award € 500

    Videodance Prize
    production of a dancevideo

The participants will be accommodated in a double bed room which will be shared with an other participant. The organiser takes over the hotel costs (incl. breakfast) and pays a subsidy towards the travel expenses.

Deadline: 11 November 2017

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