European Media Art Network / European Media Artists in Residence Exchange 2017

The European Media Art Network offers residencies for Media Artists in the fields of digital media including Internet and computer-based artists, filmmakers, and those working in media based performance, sound or video.

Artists with European residence or a European passport can apply for a two-months residency at one of the following institutions:

  • IMPAKT, Utrecht, Netherlands http://www.impakt.nl

    For a residency at Impakt in Utrecht applicants have two options:

    a) a residency project that connects to the theme of the Impakt Festival 2017: Haunted Machines and Wicked Problems. In this case the residency will be 2 months within the period August, September and October 2017.

    b) a residency that fits with the general focus of Impakt: a critical view on the role of media and technology in our society. In this case the residency will be 2 months within the period November 2017- June 2018.

  • Bandits Mages, Bourges, France http://www.bandits-mages.com

    2 months within January and April 2018. Theme is queer, race, post-colonialism.

  • FACT, Liverpool, United Kingdom http://www.fact.co.uk

    2 months within autumn 2017 or spring 2018. Theme is Play.

    Particularly exploring video games and artists as games-maker, or Young People and Learning projects.

  • Werkleitz Centre for Media Arts, Halle, Germany http://werkleitz.de

    Mid- October to Mid December, no theme

Students are not permitted, but young artists are encouraged to apply. However, there is no age limit! EMARE includes a grant of 2.500,- Euros, free accommodation, travel expenses up to 250,- Euros, free access to the technical facilities and media labs within the host institution and a professional presentation.

Deadline: 20 July 2017

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