Workshop Grigri Pixel 2017 (Spain) > Call for citizen initiatives on the African continent

Grigri Pixel is a programme of residencies, meetings and workshops devoted to the creation of magical objects in urban spaces based on collaborative practices and digital manufacturing strategies from the African continent.

Grigri Pixel’s aim is to reconnect the African and European experiences of city-building, with the aim of posing common questions that can showcase synergies, points of intersection and differences in regard to practices and processes of care and maintenance in public spaces in the two territories.

After the initial phase in February-March 2016 at Medialab Prado, the experience continued in Dakar at the fifth edition of the Afropixel Festival. It will carry on in Casablanca (Morocco) in July 2017. Later this year, in October, the second edition of Grigri Pixel will be held at Medialab Prado (Madrid), featuring a production workshop organised in collaboration with Espacio Vecinal Arganzuela. The initiative has also been invited to Barcelona, where a production workshop will be organised in collaboration with HANGAR and Taula Eix Pere IV, entities which are based in the neighbourhood of Poble Nou.

Anyone who participates in a collective or an open culture space located on the African continent may apply to this open call. Said collective or space must be associated with transformative collaborative practices. These practices may entail the creation of furniture, infrastructure, modes of organisation, artistic practices or digital manufacturing.

The organisers will bear the cost of the selected individuals' travel from their points of origin to Madrid, as well as their accommodation and subsistence expenses throughout the duration of the production workshops to be held in Medialab Prado and Espacio Vecinal Arganzuela, from 2 to 14 October 2017, in addition to providing said individuals with a lump sum payment of 400 euros.

Deadline: 12 June 2017

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