Call for papers, Seismopolite issue 18> The Art Residency in Context

While art residencies are often used as experimental sites for cultural exchange and social engagement, and sometimes also as “laboratories” for ecology or cooperation between art and sciences, their relevance has also been questioned due to the infinitely overlapping, global and seemingly inconsequential political territory they inhabit

For its next issue, Seismopolite invites contributors from diverse disciplines to submit essays and reviews that discuss the global phenomenon of the art residency from a high variety of possible angles, including (not restricted to):

- The political meaning of cooperation in art residencies as international forms of cultural exchange.

- Types of residencies; themes, formats and ways of organizing residencies; their public programmes, exhibitions and events.

- The idea of “site” and of local political and cultural interaction in art residencies.

- Art residencies in context: art, geopolitics and neoliberalism.

- The relationship between residencies and local art “scenes”.

Deadline: 14 June 2017

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