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The African Circus Arts Festival aims at:

• Drawing attention to the circus arts in Africa;
• Empowering young African circus performers so that they can maintain their impact in their communities;
• Promoting cultural exchanges among circus companies within the African continent;
• Stimulating the development of a circus market within Africa.
The second edition of the African Circus Arts Festival will take place in 16, 17, and 18 of February, 2018 in Ethiopia, thanks to the support of the European Commission.

The Festival offers:

• A large audience (12,000 people in 2015)
• The opportunity to perform on the main African circus stage
• Meeting over 100 circus performers from all over the African continent
• Sharing experiences and learning from other circuses
• Connecting with international experts from the circus sector over a two-day meeting
• Visibility for your circus through the Festival’s communication media and actions (website, social media, media)
The Festival will cover all the travel expenses of the African companies/groups (including flight tickets, travel insurance, visa fees, accommodation, food and drinks)

Deadline: 15 September 2017

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Source: Circostrada, member-organisation of On the Move.