el-Atlal (Palestine) > residency for artists and researchers

el-Atlal welcomes artists and researchers of all origins for a residency programme in the oasis city of Jericho in Palestine.

Jericho is at the geographic center of the West Bank yet remains in the margins of Palestinian cultural and artistic production. el-Atlal believes it is a space conducive to creation and wishes to evidence the links between art and research by inviting residents to reflect, work and create in Jericho.

The el-Atlal project is spearheaded by a team of people coming from the worlds of arts, literature, academia and architecture in the goal of encouraging intellectual and artistic exchanges between Palestine and the rest of the world. In December 2016, thanks to several sources of funding, AAU ANASTAS and their research department SCALES, in cooperation with GSA (Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture) built a stone dune prototype on the el-Atlal land, which gives a concrete dimension to our presence in Jericho.

The artist-in-residency programme is open to any artist, writer or researcher with a solid experience and a real motivation as to the specificity of the place. The selection will give priority to original projects that aim to be inscribed within the space of Jericho. el-Atlal, as a research residency, does not require its residents to necessarily complete their projects by the end of their stay in Jericho. However, the residents will be asked to hold open studios with the public and present their work at the end of the residency. Working and exchanging with local communities is highly encouraged. The residents must speak English, Arabic or French. Dual applications are also accepted.

el-Atlal will provide the following:

  • Accommodation (separate rooms, two shared bathrooms and a common kitchen),

  • A shared work space,

  • A grant of €1000 for each project and a per diem of €500 for each resident,

  • Up to €450 to provide for the plane ticket.

Deadline: 31 May 2017

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