Art project 'Cartography' > Call to explore and express The Avian Kingdom through visual art (Sweden)

The name of ARNA stands for Art & Nature. They are a NGO, working through the Culture Dimension of Sustainability in the area of The Avian Kingdom in Sweden.

The vision for The Avian Kingdom is for it to become a UNESCO biosphere area and the world's first to include culture as the fourth dimension of sustainability from start. Their mission is to create art projects that demonstrate culture's importance for a sustainable development and by that, influence the process of a biosphere startup.

The Avian Kingdom is a rural area, rich in nature preserves and heritage. The organisers want this area to become a prime place in the world for Art & Nature and  ask artists to be involved in the process. For The Avian Kingdom there is right now almost no printed material that describe it for visitors. The organisers want to change that in the project CARTOGRAPHY!

Project's aim
Through ARNA's artist in residency the project CARTOGRAPHY involves 3 artists during 6 weeks to visually describe The Avian Kingdom, its nature, history or people. The results will be used as, or as starting points for, 2-4 ground breaking "visitor maps".

Key question for the project
How can the arts describe The Avian Kingdom in new and interesting ways through the working methods of CARTOGRAPHY?

How to do it
Use the Encyclodaedica Britannica's description of Cartography as the guide for working on the project.
Explore and express The Avian Kingdom in your personal way as an artist.
We support you with both our knowledge and our network in The Avian Kingdom for facts and inspiration.

The art project 'Cartography' offer 3 participating artists the following

  • Flights (return ticket from where ever you live to Copenhagen international airport).

  • Train tickets for the commuter train between the airport and Lund where the organisers pick you up at arrival.

  • Free accommodation with private room. Other spaces are shared. Info about accommodation

  • The organisers organize the project and help you as a resident with the practicalities connected to the project inlcuding simple art materials.

  • You will be given guided tours in the beginning of your stay to spark your inspiration.

Deadline: 16 June 2017

Find all details online

  • You will meet friendly people in informal and inspiring ways, maybe making new friends both in Harlösa, the village where the residency is situated, and with other artists from around the world.