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Dancing on the Edge is looking for artists to present themselves at Meet the Artist, an event that wants to spotlight newly arrived Arab artists in Europe. It will take place during the sixth edition of the Dancing on the Edge Festival (8-18 November in several Dutch cities) as a collaboration between Ettijahat- Independent Culture and Dancing on the Edge. The program aims to promote the work of the participating artists by giving an opportunity and platform to showcase, experiment and develop their project(s) in relation to general and professional audiences as well as to create a space for networking. 

The artists will present a work-in-progress or work process in a special format of small meetings. These meetings will take the form of intimate encounters open to experiment and discussion, allowing for deep conversation between audience members and artists.

Each artist is free to create a different format for the meetings (30 minutes each including discussion): it can be a presentation, a show-case, a try-out of scenes, an experiment and so on. The idea is that it is an artistic encounter or research in itself that will help the artist develop their work or enables them to get feedback from diverse audiences. The process of the work they are developing is the central focus point. This can relate to one singular new work or their artistic practice/research as a whole.

The audience will be split in several groups and these groups will follow different routes moving from one session to another. The sessions will take place in different places and venues of the festival, a.o. at partner organization Het Huis Utrecht, and will be complemented with side programming – one-on-one meetings, round table sessions and other programming- that will be further curated after the participating artists are selected. Dancing on the Edge will invite next to a general audience, also professionals from the cultural field, including students, producers, programmers and so on.

Eligibility: Arab artists living in The Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium, who have settled in Europe recently (during the last five years), are invited to apply. The artists’ background can be from various disciplines, including theater, dance, performance, music, and film/visual arts.

Among other cost, the organisers will cover travel, accommodation, and offer a modest fee.

Deadline (extended): 15 June 2017

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