Goethe-Institut and the Camargo Foundation > Open call for a residency 'Thinking Europe from the sea' (France)

The Goethe-Institut and the Camargo Foundation invite artists from Germany and the Mediterranean region, in groups of no more than four, to submit applications for a residency. At least one group member must be an artist residing in Germany.

Thinking Europe from the Sea invites artists and scholars in the Euro-Mediterranean region to think about Europe from perspectives off the map. What does it mean to think Europe from the water, from the coast (which, for example has been reconfigured into protection zones to facilitate information traffic as Nicole Starosielski argues, while hindering human traffic) as well as from the rivers, streams and rivulets: liquid topological imaginations unfolding against the expansion of borders, the creation of no-land zones (hotspots), the implementation of austerity politics and the petrification of nationalisms.

Applicants must be professionals actively working in the mentioned disciplines. At least one group member must have his/her principal residence in Germany. Preference will be given to teams that include a member from a Mediterranean country (including the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’Azur, European countries as well as countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region).
In addition to the artistic quality of the proposal, special consideration will be given to projects and ideas that include historical, sociological and political approaches.

Multidisciplinary team approaches will be given priority. The organisers invite artists or joint team of artists and researchers to present their joint project. The program favors exchange in order to allow the team as well as the local arts and science communities to benefit from other perspectives and broaden their horizons.

An overall one-time stipend of 2,500 EUR will be granted to the selected project to cover expenditures associated with the residency (including travel, food and any other expenses that the team might have).

Deadline: 21 June 2017

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