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The first UNLEASH Innovation Lab 2017 for the Sustainable Development Goals takes place in Denmark in August. The 1,000 SDG Talents will come from all over the world, representing diverse backgrounds and aspirations. They will represent their entire generation and act as champions on behalf of the SDGs.

The organisers are looking for reative and innovative people from all regions of the world:

  • Passionate about solving some of the world’s pressing challenges

  • Excited about engaging in co-creation with peers and experts

  • Academics, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and technical experts

  • Primarily 20 to 35 years old

Focus (and evidence of interest/achievement/project is required for applicants) is on the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically:  Energy, FoodHealthSustainable Consumption and ProductionUrban SustainabilityWater, and Education and ICT.

All costs related to participation in the program will be covered by the UNLEASH association, including flight travel to Denmark, accommodation, food, curriculum and facilitation for the entire 9-days program in Denmark. All talents are however asked to pay a fee of 145 USD (1000 DKK) to mitigate no shows and to ensure that we do not have empty seats, where other talents could have come. For talents who cannot cover this cost, UNLEASH will offer scholarship options as part of the application process.

Deadline: 1 May 2017

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Source: On the Move member-organisation, ASEF Culture360