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LOD is an international production company for opera and musical theatre. LOD develops projects with a group of artists (among which Josse De Pauw, Kris Defoort, Inne Goris, Atelier Bildraum and Daan Janssens) and supports young work as well. LOD visits both national and international stages with its productions (in and outside of Europe). Various projects are international coproductions. LOD organises its activities from the Bijlokesite in Ghent.

As the person in charge of international development, you are one of the key figures in LOD’s artistic and strategic policy and you are one of the ‘faces’ of LOD

  • In consultation with the general director and your colleague in charge of distribution, you define LOD’s international policy and translate this into an operational policy in terms of the distribution and coproduction of projects.

  • You are responsible for initiating coproductions and work hard at building an international network.

  • You are involved in building and maintaining European networks (enoa – young opera makers).

  • You coordinate the distribution of productions and join forces with the colleague in charge of distribution and with the management bureaus LOD works with in order to realise its operational policy.

As the person in charge of artistic planning

  • You lay out the artistic planning, in close consultation with the staff and the artists in residence.

  • You develop the planned productions in close consultation with the artists, the business director, the technical coordinator and the production leaders.

  • You manage the production leaders and, together with the technical coordinator, the technical production managers.

Deadline: 28 April 2017

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Source: On the Move's member-organisation, IETM