Phileas (Austria) > A fund for contemporary art

Phileas is an independent philanthropic organisation based in Vienna that raises private funding to support ambitious projects within the field of contemporary art.

Phileas works together with artists, museums and Biennials to enable the production, exhibition and acquisition of art for public institutions. A particular focus lies on the commission and production of exhibitions by Austrian artists abroad, and by international artists in Austria. When possible, support is extended to include the donation of artworks to public collections.

Recently, Phileas has established collaborations with many of the world’s leading Biennales, in order to encourage and support the participation of Austrian and Austrian-based artists. Further support for these projects is being provided by the Federal Chancellery.

Phileas also organises and funds research trips for international curators and critics to Austrian museums, galleries and artists’ studios.

Phileas is funded by the annual contributions of its Partners and Junior Partners, as well as of several private corporations and organisations. Its supporters are actively involved in the development of each project from studio to exhibition to acquisition.

Channeling these resources, Phileas is able to make a real difference, providing significant support to artists and institutions and contributing to a strengthening of Austria’s voice within the landscape of contemporary art, and to the presence of its most promising artists on the international stage.

Deadline: 26 June 2017

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