Call No.1 for Web Residencies 2017 by Solitude & ZKM Curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli: Blowing the Whistle, Questioning Evidence

This call wants to focus on the act of producing evidence via artistic practices. What is the role of art in the framework of whistleblowing and leaking? If we expand the concept of art to whistleblowing, leaking and the act of producing awareness of power mechanisms, which kind of tactics and strategies for resistance can we imagine within the technological paradigm and beyond it? How would be possible to expand forms of agency that are not just technologically determined, but consider technology as a material or political reinvention?

The call is addressed to artists, hackers, technologic experts, computer scientists and activists who have been working actively on the topic of truth-telling, leaking, and counter-surveillance, with the aim of exposing misconducts and wrongdoings – as well as to other critical thinkers, through whom issues of whistleblowing, leaking, and disclosing are investigated in their imaginative potential by producing critical interventions which are questioning the concept of »evidence« itself.

The organisersparticularly encourage projects that work and reflect on the technological framework, but also expand it, by imagining further consequences in the offline scenario of political and social actions.

The »Web Residencies« program was initiated by Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2016 to support young talents from the international digital scene as well as artists of all disciplines who deal with web-based practices to present the process and results of their work online.

All formats accepted: e.g. websites, installations and software, applications, etc., presentation slides, videos, writing, social media projects (on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). If specific software/environments are needed, please contact us in advance.

Grant: For each call three to four people or teams will be selected by the curator for a four-week »Web Residency,« which is rewarded with 500 USD to support the realization of a project during a four-week long web residency. In addition to this, a shortlist of the best contributions will be published online.

Deadline: 10 March 2017 (submission form from 27 February)

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