Galerie Klubovna (Czech Republic) > Artist residency on "Migration"

Klubovna Gallery is looking for English speaking artist of “immigrant origin” currently living in Germany, who in his/her works deals with the topic of migration and integration.

The space of non-profit gallery Klubovna, for three weeks, will turn into a temporary studio that will host two residents who deal with the issue of migration. The project aims to introduce the subject from two different points of view. For this reason, in the project will take part one artist from Czech side who deals with this issue from the perspective of an observer, commentator and one artist from German side who has personal experience with migration and with everything that is connected with it (survival, searching for new home, asylum application, bureaucracy and integration) and uses this experience in his/her works.

The organisers are open for all media of visual arts.

The results of the three weeks residency will be presented in Gallery Klubovna during the one week exhibition.

Klubovna provides:

  1. Travel expense (from Germany to Czech Rep. and back)

  2. Artist fee – depending on received grants (up to 15000 CZK)

  3. Accommodation

  4. 40m2 studio space (space of Gallery Klubovna), which will be shared with another artist

  5. Assistance in setting

  6. PR activities (fb, gallery webpage, jlbjlt.net, atrmap.cz, artalk.cz, printed poster and A6 flayers)

  7. Available technical equipment (at this moment): 1x projector, 1x multimedia player, 1x TV, 1xDVD player, 1x digital frame, 2x head set, 1x speakers.

Deadline (extended): 7 May 2017

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