Call for Proposals Nomadic Village 2017 (United Kingdom)

'Nomadic Village is an act of resistance, a call for collectivity, community and fun. It's very rare to find arts opportunities that provide the conditions to both produce provocative, critically engaged artworks and have a good time along the way. It is satirical and heartfelt, temporary and continuous. It weaves its way along the fringes of the fringes and gets under the fabric of society in
the best possible way.' (Bean)

We are calling for project proposals in the area of contemporary arts, science and activism. Participants preferably should come to the Nomadic Village with their own mobile abodes, from which we will create a small village; an autonomous environment in which we can dedicate ourselves to the projects, form spontaneous collaborations and immerse in the dynamics of a micro
society. We will live and work for two weeks quite visibly to the public. We will follow our own set of rules or non-rules, illustrating our attitudes through our practice as well as through our presence.

Nomadic Village was found in 2009 by Austrian artist Klaus Mähring. He is directing the project in a generous mayor-style, always making sure what's best for his 'citizens'. In 2017 we will have
Nomadic Village veteran Bean as our host.

From 17 th till 30 th of July we will set up the Nomadic Village in the harbour of Folkestone, Kent, UK (location details tbc). We hope the location inspires and agitates; with views to north looking at the town and the UK, and to the south looking at the EU mainland.
Nomadic Village will provide a basic infrastructure and an interesting location. After a final exhibition on site, some of the works will hit the roads of Europe, in the Galeria Nowhere travelling exhibition.


The Nomadic Village will provide
• an inspiring location
• Facilities - including kitchen, electricity, toilets, running water, wifi.
• All the ingredients to prepare good vegetarian food
• Contact to the local community
Dizel Grant opportunity (see below)
• Letters of invitation and other support to enable you to raise additional funds.

• 17th-19th of July arrival and set up
• 20th - 28th of July production time
• 29th & 30th of July final exhibition
• August – September Galeria Nowhere Travelling exhibitionThe

Dizel Grant
The Dizel Grant is an uncomplicated small grant to support the participants’ travel to the Nomadic Village and to support their funding efforts. It is for those whose cost of travel is high, especially
when it comes to diesel. We highly encourage you to discuss this with us before submission and we can give you an idea of the level of support we can provide on a case by case basis.

Deadline: 31 March 2017

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