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New Geographies’ aim is to create a new map of the East of England based on personal thoughts, reflections and stories of unexplored or over-looked places, rather than on historic or economical centres. During Summer of 2017, the organisers invited the public to nominate overlooked or forgotten places throughout Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk to add to this map. The received over 270 nominations.

Artists are now invited to respond to the nominations. New Geographies' organisers are seeking Expressions of Interest from artists across the UK and internationally to create excellent art works inspired by the selected places. Ten new commissions will be delivered over the next two years.

The budget for each commission is £25,000 inc VAT. This is to cover the artists fee and production costs. The amount set as the artist fee is to be discussed and agreed with the project partners once the proposals have been finalised, depending on the nature of the proposed idea.

Deadline: 28 January 2018

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