Curatorial Residency - 2017 (France)

The French national network Arts en résidence brings together structures, which welcome in residency French or foreign artists. Whatever the nature or the operation of these structures, the main goal is to contribute to the development of the contemporary creation thanks to residencies’ programmes. Artistes en résidence (Clermont-Ferrand), La Kunsthalle (Mulhouse), la malterie (Lille) and voyons voir | art contemporain et territoire (Aix-en-Provence) belong to this network and offer to a curator or an art critic to join the 2017 residency programme. The selected curator or art critic will move between  the different places and consequently between four different territories.

This itinerant residency offers the curator the opportunity of making meetings, of discovering several artists and artmakers in four very singular areas. Each inviting structure will facilitate exchanges and improve the access to local events or projects. The applicant must guarantee his availibility to meet and dialogue with the local artistic stakeholders, in close conjonction with the welcoming structures.

The successfull candidate will be requested to handle with an internet page, for giving a regular feed back of his experience. Other forms of involvment with each welcoming structure might be asked to the curator or critic, in order to associate him to some of projects and to their daily routine (intern presentation ofhis/her project, participation to artists’ selection, ...). The purposes must have been defined before each session.

The curator or art critic will get :

• 3 000 euros (375 euros / 10 days x 8 stays) ;

• Journeys taken over by the organizational structures from his home to the first place of residency, from a welcoming structure to another a.s.o. ; from the last place of residency to home back ;

• An accomodation ;

• An office or a studio ;

• A wifi connection.

Deadline: 12 January 2017

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