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Throughout 2017 the organisers will provide both a platform for many voices, in particular those that have the potential to be over-looked in the current political rhetoric, alongside a range of ways that those voices can be heard. Building on a number of events during 2016 that explored alternative sites for community and activism, we will be seeking to work with artists whose work, or whose networks, empower and support diverse communities of interest. We will also be further exploring the role of radio, broadcasting, sound and listening. 

To set the context, they have invited three artists to be in-residence: US based Iranian artist and writer Maryam Monalisa Gharavi; Mumbai based artist Pallavi Paul; and London based artist Tai Shani. A further six artists will be invited to be in-residence through this open call for applications.

Through this Open Call the organisers are inviting artists, musicians and writers to apply to be in-residence within the Wysing Polyphonic context. They are particularly looking for artists who can bring a range of cultural, social, racial and gender perspectives to the programme, and who will enjoy participating in events as part of their public programme. 

The amount of funding we have for residencies is £4,000 for each artist, to cover: an artist's fee, materials and travel, plus free on-site accommodation during the period and a free studio.

Deadline: 16 January 2017

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