Backstory, The film residency (Lebanon)

The residency is an opportunity for those who want to upgrade their professional capabilities through Master Classes that will be available to residents (according to their interests) as well as for individuals who want to realize their filmmaking projects at any stage i.e. pre-production, production and post-production. It provides the chance to concentrate on their project by providing costs of living and accommodation; equipment if necessary and travel expenses.

The artists can be working on one or several stages of their filmmaking project:

  • Pre-production including scriptwriting

  • Production

  • Post-production

Eligible countries:

  • Algeria - Jordan - Morocco - Tunisia

  • Bahrain - Kuwait - Oman - UAE

  • Egypt - Lebanon - Saudi Arabia - Palestine

  • Iraq - Libya - Syria – Qatar

  • Yemen - Sudan

  • Germany

„BACKSTORY“ will provide: 

  • Accommodation at Beirut Art Residency

  • Stimulating workspace in the heart of Gemmayzeh, Beirut’s artistic district

  • Administrative and logistical support

  • Access to technical equipment according to project needs

  • Specialized master classes provided during the residency

  • Flights to and from Beirut

  • Monthly stipend of S € 1,000

Deadline: 1 February 2017

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