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DanseFestival Barents aims to yearly present performances of high national and international quality, focusing mainly on art and culture from the Barents Region. Performances and presentation of dance from another geographic area may be taken into account where it falls naturally into the festival programme and theme.

The Festival aims to:
• Present a broad tailored programme with dance as the main focus. Related genres in different art fields can be presented when dance and movement is a bearing or prominent element in the product.
• Be a meeting place for dance artists in the Barents Region through network building.
• Collaborate beyond geographical and cultural borders.
• Present ethnic performances from the Barents Region.
• Contribute to further educate through courses, seminars and workshops for both professionals and amateurs, and organize activities aimed for children and youth.

Some travel grants can be allocated on a case by case basis.

Deadline: 10 January 2017

Find all details online (open call / about the Festival)