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Launched by L-EST/European Performing Arts and Transmedia Lab in 2013, the call for artistic research grants has already enabled six European artistic teams to explore and create various transmedial performing art forms. Supporting artistic teams and allowing them to experiment and develop these forms is one of the foundations of the European Centre for artistic creation L-EST whose main activities are intensifying since last season, notably with a new event dedicated to the performing arts and transmedia creation: The #TransFiction Meeting. Last but not least, in the course of the project development each of the L-EST organisations can pledge to support a project in its own name (co-production; presentation/show).

The 2016-17 grants are intended for interdisciplinary artistic teams (actors, writers, choreographers, developers, researchers, etc.) working in theatre, dance, site-specific arts, music, digital arts and circus or various hybrid forms. The artistic research process will take the form of an experimentation phase or a writing and conceptualisation phase granted to three companies. This phase will take place between June and November 2017, at the end of which the artistic teams will have either produced an initial model/project, or have advanced in the production of a project that was already underway.

The purpose of this grant is to give artists an opportunity to explore, experiment and subvert the various possibilities offered by the contemporary stage through the prism of transmedia.

Various approaches can be developed (non-exhaustive list): stage/media combinations (web, interactive interfaces, parallel fictions, narrative world(s), social medias,…); temporal, narrative, formal/conceptual and/or media extensions; audience involvement (co-actor, co-creator, participant, etc.) and spillover into the public space; interpenetration of real and/or virtual and the stage, and so on.

The grant covers:

> An average of a €5,000 grant per artistic team will be awarded; this sum may be reviewed (downward or upward), project by project, based on the number of people involved and the length of requested research residency. This sum will cover travel, per-diems and salaries;

> Accommodation will be covered directly;

> A workspace (studio, black box or digital stage) will be made available at one of the three venues (per artistic team) for the duration of the experimentation period;

> The technical needs will be covered directly by L-EST (please be as specific as possible in the application form).

The research must take place in one of the three venues (in Montbéliard or in Belfort). VIADANSE – CCNBFCB (National Choreographic Centre) will necessarily host a choreographic or a performative project.

Partners: L-EST, European Centre for Artistic Creation, Live Arts and Transmedia, ViaDanse, Ma Scène Nationale, Le Granit.

Deadline: 15 January 2017 (read carefully the application process)

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