Call for Proposals - civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries

The International Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands are launching a jointly funded call for proposals for projects in support of democratization and strengthening of civil society in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. Project proposals are collected on-line in the following thematic areas:

  1. Legislation and justice,

  2. Good governance (public administration/public order/policy/immigration policy),

  3. Communication, media and access to information, and

  4. Development of civil society/support of human rights and minorities.*

* Development of civil society/support of human rights and minorities:

  • enhancing civil society’s management, fundraising and communication skills especially on local and regional level,

  • creating relevant partnerships with international civil networks especially within the V4 region;

  • support of grass-root initiatives aiming at long-term social, economic, environmental and/or cultural wellbeing of networks of communities,

  • support of activities in the areas of human rights and integration of minorities with a special focus on gender equality, media freedom, religious freedom, and protection of minorities

  • support of the role of local/regional governments in promoting human rights and protecting minorities,

  • public information campaigns towards a functioning democratic society and strengthening a culture of tolerance towards minorities

General conditions (among others)

  • Non-governmental, civil society not-for-profit organizations are primary recipients of the funding

  • Projects develop meaningful cooperation between entities in the EaP and V4 regions

  • Projects are implemented within an active cooperation of 1 entity from the EaP region and 3 entities from different V4 countries at minimum regardless of the applicant (preference will be given to those projects involving other EaP countries as well as the full V4 region); subjects from other countries may, however, also apply or be project partner

  • Projects shall be implemented within 18 months from their envisaged start (starting 2 months after the Dec. 1 deadline at the earliest)

  • Total requested budget per project do not exceed €100,000

  • Grants can over up to 90% of total project costs (min. 10% of project costs are covered from other sources or by the grantee’s own in-kind contribution to the project)

  • Purchases of tangible/intangible assets are limited to max. 7% of the requested/granted sums

  • Overhead costs are limited by 7% of the requested/granted sum

Deadline: 1 December

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