Bitamine Faktoria (Basque country, Spain) > International artist residency

Open  to artists  from any country which nationality which allows a minimum residence of   40 days in the Basque Country.

Duration: 40 days, arriving at the first week of September 2016.
Location:  Comarca del  Bidasoa, French / Spanish border within the Basque Country,  cities  of Irun and towns of  Hendaia and Hondarribia.


Maximum age: 40.
The organisers accept all artistic disciplines (visual, audiovisual or stage arts, music, design, etc)
All techniques  welcome.
Your  commitment to offer a 2-day workshop / seminar / debate on  your  artistic  speciality.

The theme  of to develop during the residence  is  the artist’s perception  of the Basque Country.  To this effect, we propose that the artist should live in a Basque  environment  for a whole month in order to produce a work of art which we will then exhibit in difference places in Euskal Herria.

The organisers can offer you:

  • Advice, production services and  introductions to  various individuals from the Basque Country’s arts and cultural worlds.

  • Lodging in a share appartment.

  • A space to study and a workshop.

  • €700 for expenses and transport costs  during your  month’s stay.

  • Up to €500 towards the cost of travelling to the Basque Country.

  • Organisation of exhibitions, graphic design and materials such as those needed to produce flyers, posters ortriptychs  for  residence-related activities.

  • Promotion.

Deadline: 30 April

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