Sound Development City in Athens and Belgrade > Call for project proposals

Sound Development City is looking for independent and dedicated project proposals and work theses that are to be tested and put into practice during a three-week expedition to Belgrade and Athens in September 2015.

The team behind Sound Development City is interested in interventions, installations, performances, experiments, moving images, and artistic research projects and concepts which benefit from being on the road, and probe urban environments as sites of both playfulness and social involvement. The projects should be research-based and developed towards this open horizon.

Artists working in all disciplines can apply through the open call process. The key requirements are curiosity, openness to experimentation, process-oriented work, and adventurousness. We also welcome an inter-disciplinary approach and readiness to collaborate. There is no age limit.

The participation in the project is free of charge. Travel costs, daily expenses and budget required for materializing the individual projects are supplied. In addition, Sound Development City provides a stipend of 3,000 Euros to all participants.

Deadline: 19 April

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