Factorial 2014: International Meeting of Art Factories, Barcelona (Spain)

The City Council of Barcelona, through the Cultural Institute of Barcelona –ICUB- is organizing “Factorial - International Meeting of Art Factories” that will take place from October 29th to the 31st in Barcelona.

The Seminar´s goal is to offer a setting for an open and constructive debate on current trends of the arte factories. Also, it pretends to be a space to showcase the best practices for fostering culture and creativity in Europe.

This first edition of Factorial will focus on presentations of outstanding experiences promoted by institutions and art production centres, and on expanding and strengthening existing networks.

The main objective of this event, promoted by the Culture Institute of the Barcelona City Council, is to think aloud about such issues as: strategies for creative development; the tension between excellence and proximity; and the role of art factories in reinventing a city's creative fabric.

Through a programme of workshops and round tables, Factorial shall also consider such common issues as governance, mobility, the social return, finance and communication, all from a European-wide perspective.

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