What's the deal? A residency in "Creative Lab" Munich (Germany)!

“what's the deal?” - A Transnational Project on Young Urban Cultures is a multi-disciplinary project that wants to artistically explore sustainability in connection with young urban cultures such as mural art, design, urban sports (skateboarding, biking) and digital media. The project aims to bring the idea of sustainable lifestyle to the young urban scenes in European cities. It wants to inspire them to create new perspectives and link them together transnationally, thus strengthening the multiculturally permeated urban scenes.

WTD launches 2 calls for Creative Lab – Artist-in-Residencies in Munich. From October to December 2014 the Villa Waldberta, the international artist residence of the City of Munich, Germany, will mutate into a “Creative Lab” as part of the project WTD. The house will host international artists, designers, scientists, creatives etc. who are interested in becoming involved in WTD and who will produce art work, concepts, products, etc. related to WTD’s theme: sustainability and young urban cultures as well as the Do-it-Yourself approach. All work created will be presented during the Urban Cultures Summit in 2015, the final event of the project.

There are 2 open calls as of today:

• one is for artists, designers, scientists, creatives, etc. willing to create work related to the WTD themes

• one is for artists creating utopian visions of selected urban spots

Selected participants can spend part of the grant for travel costs.

Deadline for application: May 31.

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