Marres / Z33 > Call for Team of Curators for Currents Exhibition


The cultural venues Marres and Z33 are looking for a team of curators (minimum two persons) for the eighth edition of Currents, an annual group exhibition showcasing works by recently graduated artists from art academies in Belgium, Germany, and the southern Netherlands. The exhibition will be embedded in a broader guidance trajectory in which training, networking, and professionalisation are central.

Marres and Z33 are institutions for contemporary art in the Netherlands and Belgium. Together, they work to develop a platform for up-and-coming artists and curators to contribute to an international infrastructure for talent development. Over the past years, more than a hundred artists from 12 academies have exhibited their work, given presentations, and participated in workshops. In addition, almost twenty young international curators have boosted their careers by producing one of the Currents editions.

For this programme, the organisers are looking for curators who:

  • Enjoy working closely with young artists.

  • Have a good feel for production work.

  • Have a keen eye on logistics and planning.

  • Have good writing skills.

  • Have the time in June and July 2020 to visit all the graduation shows in the Euroregion.

A fee and compensation for travel expenses are provided. In order to limit the costs for travel and lodging, candidates with a local address in the Netherlands or Belgium are preferred.

Deadline: 8 March 2020

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