European Performing Arts and Transmedia Lab Pilot Scheme (France): call for applications

By creating this grant, the three partners of the European Performing Arts and Transmedia Lab Pilot Scheme (Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté à Belfort Le Granit, scène nationale de Belfort – MA scène nationale-Pays de Montbéliard) are continuing their joint reflection on contemporary stage writing practices. These practices include theatre, dance, music and digital arts can also be crossed and hybrid forms. Specifically, the laboratory would like to see the artistic teams use transmedia as a means of approaching so-called “stage” writing in innovative ways.

Transmedia storytelling is primarily practiced in the audiovisual and gaming sectors, with very few experiments in the performing arts to date.The purpose of this grant is to give artists an opportunity to explore, experiment and subvert the various possibilities offered by the contemporary stage through the prism of transmedia.

This initial phase of artistic research will take the form of an experimentation period granted to several companies and selected artists. It will take place between January/February 2014 and April 2014, at the outcome of which the artistic teams will have produced an initial dra" of an artistic project.
In the course of the experimentation and/or at the end of it, particularly in the months immediately after, the laboratory partners may jointly call on the artistic teams to offer their recommendations and state their viewsthrough the presentation of their draft project.

A €7,000 grant per artistic team will be awarded, re-assessed based on the number of people. It will cover:
• participants’ wages
• expenses
• travel
• technical resources and equipment rental.
> Accommodation costs will be covered directly.

> A workspace (studio, black box or digital stage) will be made available at one of the three structures (per artistic team) for the duration of the experimentation period.

Artists, companies and collectives (maximum of 6 people) of any nationality can apply. The research must take place in one of the three structures (in Montbéliard or in Belfort, France).

Deadline for applications: 6 December.

Find all details: the presentation of the project, the call for applications and the application form.