Centre for Culture and Development, Denmark - Arts Fund

CKU promotes cultural co-operation between Denmark and the developing countries around the world.

CKU supports cultural exchange projects with the purpose of presenting the culture of developing countries in Denmark and strengthening the cultural sectors of developing countries.

Closing dates for applications: 15th January,15th May, 15 September
In its Plan of Action CKU’s Board of Directors has made certain priorities based on the following principles:
Target group orientation (addressing new audience).
Multiplication effect.
Innovation (priorities on new creativity/development of cultural heritage and traditions relevant to contemporary society).
Synergy (collaborations that add to more than the sum of two individual projects).
Quality (artistic/aesthetic, pedagogical, developmental).
Local partnership and co-ownership.
Practical information for applicants
Applicants must use the Danish application form as only projects with a Danish partner are eligible for support from CKU.

Three paper copies, signed by the applicant, must be forwarded.
Copies of relevant material (pictures, videos, CD’s, etc. should be enclosed).
CKU does not support “general” applications. Only specific applications with detailed information and relevant background material can be considered.

Foreign organizers, including embassies
We recommend that foreign embassies in Denmark and overseas organizers seek Danish partnership – a gallery, an institution, a concert organizer etc., in general local partners who know the cultural landscape of the country. Projects will have to be agreed on with Danish counterpart.

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