NEW! Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre calls for indoor performances and street arts

The Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre runs every year from the end of September throughout October and is one of themajor events in the international life of Georgia and not only - it is becoming one of the mainperforming arts events in Caucasia and the Black Sea countries. During the last three years TBSINTERNATIONAL has hosted 36 companies from various Countries worldwide. With more thousands of spectators, wide media coverage and the special atmosphere the Festival has begun to establish its reputation well beyond the borders of Georgia.

"We want to explore and showcase emerging artists who bring a different energy to theatre and would like to host in Tbilisi those artists who want to share their artistic vision and dare with us!"

In the frame of the Festival, the NEW! programme is launched for 2012.

NEW! celebrates works by artists from all over the world, but priority will be given to emerging and mid career artists.

NEW! is for artists who want to take risks and challenge new audiences. It is a voyage of discovery, an adventure for your artistic concepts

NEW! will be made up of two strands: indoor performances and street arts. Indoor performances will programmed in traditional theatres and non-traditional venues, while Street Art will appear in public spaces around Tbilisi.

For participation in the programme you need to submit application and DVD of your suggested performance by March, 1st 2012.

If your application is selected you will be a part of TBS INTERNATIONAL programme of 2012, with the following support:

- Venue; technical staff and equipment according to technical rider (subject to negotiations as usual);

- Per-diems of 25 USD per person per day; hotel with breakfast for 3 nights;

- Airport transfers; Special discount at Festival Café; Media support and publicity; Festival evenings in Festival club.

...and certainly - very warm and special audiences !

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