Climate Justice Training for Trainers, Paris (France)

The UN Summit on Climate Change (COP21) is coming to Paris in December and mobilisations are gaining momentum ! It will be a unique moment for social movements to organise resistance against the corporate take over of the negociations, and the basis for years of genuine solutions to the climate catastrophe.

This September, the Climate Justice Training for Trainers will be a chance to develop skills, experience and confidence to train groups and individuals to take part in the creative direct actions taking place during the COP21 (particularly for the last day of mass actions on December 12th and the Climate Games), and learn how to support small groups to make their actions more powerful, more creative, and more fun.

The Training for Trainers will be a safe space to try out and discuss different training techniques, and gain insights into the roles of a trainer. It will cover topics such decision making (whilst preparing an action and during the action itself), role allocation, sustainable activism, creative tactics as well as a short briefing about the legal situation in France.

It will also prepare you to organize trainings in your own organization, movement or group of friends.

This Training for Trainers is especially designed for people from a range of European countries, who will be giving trainings before and towards COP21, and the organisers ask that everyone who attends the training guarantees to give 2 trainings (working with another trainer) in the rest of 2015. The organisers expect participants to be confident to speak in front of a group, and to already have some experience in direct action, creative actions, civil disobedience etc. It will be delivered in English.

The Training for Trainers will take place from Thursday 17 September at 18.00 to Sunday 20 September at 16.30, in Paris (location to be confirmed). Travel bursaries and basic accommodation (in youth hostel or at local people’s houses) will be available for those who need it, and meals will be provided.

Deadline: 21 August

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