Chevening/Clore Fellowship (UK)

The Chevening/Clore Fellowship is a partnership between the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Clore Leadership Programme, offering mid-career professionals in the arts and culture sector an exceptional opportunity to undertake an individually tailored professional development programme in the UK. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office funds up to six international fellows to join a cohort of approximately 25 fellows across the UK on the Clore Leadership Programme.

The majority of the fellows' individual training and development programme, including their secondment, mentoring, attendance at courses and conferences and the second residential course will take place in the period between April and July of the academic year; the fellowship will be completed by 31 July.

The fellowship starts in September 2016 and runs throughout the academic year, with fellows travelling between their home country and the UK to undertake the fellowship.

A Chevening/Clore Fellowship includes a training budget of up to £14,000 to cover:

  • Up to two return economy flights from your home country to the UK to undertake fellowship activities

  • Accommodation while in the UK

  • Living expenses while in the UK

  • A period of secondment for approximately eight weeks at a cultural institution in the UK

  • Individually tailored fellowship learning plan which may include participation in courses conferences and other processional development activities in the UK

  • Course and conference fees within the UK

  • Training and development costs within the UK

  • Travel in the UK

Applications are invited from individuals from the following countries: Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Jordan, Mexico and South Africa.

Deadline: 3 November

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