Artists Moving & Learning European comparative report: "Artists’ mobility should be understood as an investment in human capital"

Artists moving and learning - the research project that analysed artistic mobility in Europe from an educational and lifelong learning perspective has just been released. Now you can read the European comparative study as well as the ten National reports.

«Artists’ mobility should be understood as an investment in human capital»

The report dresses a very positive assessment of the impact of mobility on learning and acknowledges that all types of mobilities favour learning. A remarkable homogeneity of tendencies throughout the 10 countries covered by the study is thus observed. All artists stress the effect of their mobility on their creative process, economic abilities, civic competences, social networking, cultural opening, spatial knowledge.

Among the key recommendations related to the impact of mobility patters on learning, the European report recommends that Artists’ mobility should be understood as an investment in human capital for the EU economic market and for increased competences for the labour market by both EU and national policy makers.

Other recommendations suggested that:

- All levels of government (national, regional and local and at level of linguistic communities) should cooperate with other governing bodies of the EU to get to a common understanding of the beneficial impacts of mobility for artists in order to better accommodate the artists’ needs.

- The learning process engendered by the mobility experience should be promoted through the creation of a referential of acquired competences which could help to evaluate more thoroughfully the benefits of mobility.

- There is a need of establishing validation procedures to assess mobility experience and further analyzing the impacts and benefits of moving artists on the economy and on society as a whole.

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