Conference « When arts meet business » : 21 April in Brussels, Belgium

The Conference on 21 April in Brussels organized by Prométhéa will both disseminate the results of the project “Connecting Arts & Business” and show the added value of Arts and Business alliances through concrete examples and testimonies. To this end, the first part of the conference will stress the role of Arts & Business organizations throughout Europe and will display the main findings of the survey on giving to culture in Europe. The second part of the conference will focus on how companies can nowadays connect with the arts, be it through owning an art collection, artistic interventions, arts sponsorships, participating to art boards or benefiting from a vivid art environment. The conference will be moderated by Akkanto, a partner member of Prométhéa.

“Connecting Arts & Business” is a 2 years project, funded with the support of the European Commission. It gathers together several Arts & Business organizations in Europe: Cultuur Ondernemen, Prométhéa, CKO, Summa Artium, NCK, KEA and Arts & Business UK as associated partner.

Registration is free with a code: CA&B15

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